Fracturing Gellants and Friction Reducers with TouGas Fluid Designs

Water management and challenging well conditions are significant cost drivers for hydraulic fracturing operations. TouGas Oilfield Solutions offers frac fluid designs for all kinds of well stimulations challenges onshore and offshore.

Wether for extreme High Pressure / High Temperature (HP/HT), traditional CMHPG fracturing operations or slickwater operations TouGas fluid designs and TouGas Friction Reducers lower cost of operation, improve well productivity and reduce environmental risk.

HP/HT Frac Fluids TouGas EP-1F

TouGas EP-1F provides excellent viscosity performance in a broad range of temperatures up to 221° C / 430° F and…


Frac Fluids TouGas CMHPG/T-AD

TouGas CMHPG/T-AD combines the benefits of a traditional CMHPG fracturing fluid with…


Friction Reducer TouSlick FR-1

TouSlick FR-1 provides excellent friction reduction performance up to 79% …