Welcome to TouLib - the TouGas Library of fluid designs!

The TouGas Library contains detailed information about stimulation fluid compositions and performance data for a broad range of water qualities and temperatures. Search for your specific conditions like temperature or water quality, for chemistry or performance data and find the best TouGas stimulation fluid for your well.

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  • Comprehensive stimulation fluid design database
  • Search for stimulation fluids covering a broad range of water specifications, temperatures and other performance data
  • Specific data reports including performance charts
  • Easy to access through www.toulib.com or www.tougas-oil.com


  • Online access to a comprehensive collection of fluid design data
  • Supports effective stimulation fluid design by benchmarking performance data
  • Allows customization for your specific application in the field
  • Please contact info@tougas-oil.com to discuss customized fluids for your reservoir conditions

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  • Direct Data Access
  • Technical Support and Training - email, phone, workshops
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